Frequently Asked Questions 


Where do you ship from?*

Vancouver, BC or LA.


Who do you use for Postal service?

Canada post, UPS & Fedex services are coming soon.


Where are your products made?

We buy our materials from all parts ( Mainly USA ), But we hand make our products in Vancouver, BC.


Can I return an item?

Yes, we accept returns on some items.

Please refer to our Return policy page here.


What is Glo Dolls?

A Glo Doll is someone who has slayed one of our products! We then post their photo on one of our Instagram accounts ( @glodolls_nation or @glolabel ).


How do I become a Glo Doll?

All you have to do is wear our items & and tag us on a social media post so that we can re-post! We will then contact you for more info.


What does DCIV mean?

It's simply 604 ( Vancouver's area code ) in roman numerals.




* Glasses are shipped from China