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Glo Label Sponsorships


Glo Sponsorships 

What we offer:


At the end of the day, one of the most important things we offer with our Glo Label sponsorships is a community for like minded individuals to meet and not only express their creativity and portray talent but get supported by some of the finest souls around. Now let’s talk about the Bling! We offer free items from our new collections every time we have a new drop, along with discounts that never expire for you and your day ones. A extra perk we offer is free* rentals on jewelry and expertise for events, music videos, shows or any other adventure you may be up too, as well as having VIP access to our events and the possibility to model for us. Glo Label will regularly share and post your content across our social medias platforms, and for all those in the music industry you will have priority for our weekly Tuesday Tunes.

These are just some of of the many things we offer with a Glo Label Sponsorship. We are schemin’ on a big year and will have everything from interviews to giveaways, so don’t miss out!



Who we offer Sponsorships to:


We are very interested in working along side Musicians, Artists, TV Personality, Comedians and more!



What do you offer:


Most importantly, be sure to follow us on our social media platforms. We will not even consider you as a candidate if you are not. You must be willing to post and share some content in relation to our brand and tag us as long a sharing some of your peers work ( lets all win together aight? ). You must also be willing to attend Glo Label and partnered events.





Must have an active social media presence and must be a creative and unique individual. Must reside in USA or Canada. ( Jamaica, UK and Mexico are coming up next! ). All candidates must go through an application progress.   





Applications for Glo Label sponsorships will be available soon!













* Some projects may require a security deposit incase of goods being damaged

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