A Fresh start

The past year at Glo Label has been a crazy yet amazing experience of growth & joy for myself. At only 17 years old, I took the last bit of money i had left after having months of struggle and pain and decided to create a lifestyle of abundance, joy and love. But shit huh with about $100 to my name it's not like im gonna wake up tomorrow and be the next vogue.. but i did what I could. I Bought some chains, couple hats and chockers and started making whatever came to mind, even started selling my creations within a couple months. Since then i haven't stopped with my love of design & fashion. A year has passed since i started my journey with Glo Label and i just wanted to thank everyone who has every supported us. We love ya'll so much trust us on that! The next upcoming year will bring a lot of amazing new changes, more love and success, for us and all of you.